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The Casio Cassiopeia E-10 Specifications


Model: E-10
Display: 240 x 320 dots FSTN liquid crystal 4-scale monotone
CPU: VR4111
Memory: 4MB
Interfaces: Serial: RS-232C, 115.2 kbps max.
Infrared: IRDA Ver. 1.0, 115.2 kbps (max.)
Range: 30 cm max.
Card Slot: CompactFlash card
Earphone jack: 0 3.5 mm
Monaural output (accepts stereo earphone jack)
Power Supply Main: Two AAA-size alkaline batteries
AC adapter (AD-C50200)
Back-up: One CR2016 lithium battery
Power Consumption: 1.5W
Battery Life
Operating temperatures: 20'C
Main: 40 hours: continuous display of Contacts screen 25 hours: Repeat of input and display in contacts, with
an input-display time ratio of 1: IO
- Frequent use of the backlight or optionally available CompactFlash cards results in battery life shorter than shown here.
Back-up: Approximately 5 years
(When main batteries are replaced immediately after th low main battery power message appears. Back-up battery life is approximately two weeks when the unit is left with dead main batteries.)
Operating Temperature: OOC to 400C (32OF to 1040F)
Dimensions: 18.2H x 81.5W x 124D MM (3/4 "H x 31/4"W x 4 7/8 "D)
(Excluding projections and stylus)
Weight: 186 g (6.6oz) (including batteries)

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