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The Philips Nino Specifications

Processor o MIPS-based Philips 32-bit RISC processor @ 75 MHz

System memory a RAM - 4 MB or 8 MB EDO RAM
O ROM - 8 MB Fast Page Mode ROM

Dimensions/length/weight n Size: approx. 134 x 87 x 20mm (5.25" x 3.4 1 " x.75")
Weight: approx. 220 g (7.8 oz.) with batteries

Communications o Integrated low power 19.2-Kbps data/fax modem included
on the 320 model

Expansion o I CompactFlash Card slot
Replaceable ROM

Display o Low power, transflective LCD display (32Ox240 pixels, 0.24 mm dot pitch), 4 shades of gray
High brightness Electroluminescent (EL) Backlighting
Contrast control dial
Indicator lights for Charging and Alarm/Message status

Power n NIMH battery pack, or 2 AA batteries
Built-in fast charger for battery pack
DC Power Jack
CR2025 lithium backup battery (rechargeable, nonremovable)

Audio n Audio In (unidirectional microphone)
Windows 95-compatible sound compression: up to 16 minutes recording time per I MB
Audio Out for wav file playback and DTMF generation
(auto dialing)

System 1/0 ports o RS-232 serial up to II 5 Kbps
[rDA infrared transceiver, supports up to I I 5 Kbps

User Input o 4 Program buttons
Rocker switch for scroll up and scroll down
Action and Exit buttons
N Stylus

Software o MicrosoftWindows CE for the Palm-size P
T9 text input by Tegic Communications, Inc.
smARTwriter handwriting recognition by Advanced Recognition Technologies, Inc.
Pocket Commander voice command by Advanced Recognition Technologies, Inc.
Expense Manager

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