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Welcome to Tully's World, INC.

This page explains the personal intrests of me, Tully Hardy. You can find out many things, such as information about the Philips Nino.

I have had my Nino for a while now. My cousin Matthew, who designed this page, has also recieved one. He enjoys his very much.

Attention: If anyone knows where I can get Yachtzee for the Palm PC OS, please email me.

News Flash

10-5-98-Applian software has released a new version of Quickwallet! Quickwallet 3.0 now has newf unctions, such as the ability to dial numbers by pushing a button. No more trained voice commands just to dial the calling card access number! You can also store up to 400 pages of cards, which are customized buttons that you can add text to. This is extremely useful, for I had been using notetaker to jot down small notes. I can also store passwords, pictures, credit card numbers (If i HAD one!), and other things. DOWNLOAD A FREE VERSION AT

7-31-98-My webmaster and I have located many bugs in the page. We have also updated and corrected these bugs. Check out the links page for some new links.

7-31-98-Anyone who needs some good software should visit We have found some excellent and USEFUL software here.

9-15-98 We have just discovered how useful Applian Softwares CoolCalc is. Especially for students. It easily replaces the standard windows ce calculator, and it is even customizable. My cousin Matthew especially likes the programmers calculator, because he is taking computer science at school. So go to and download the FREE VERSION!!!

These are my Windows CE Products and their Accesories.

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Pages on my Site URL Description
Nino Specs Specifications of the Philips Nino
Nino Photo Gallery Collection of Nino Photos
Cassiopeia Specs Specifications of the Casio Cassioppeia E-10
Cassiopeia Photo Gallery Collection of Casioppeia Photos
Links Hyperlinks to other cool sites.
Contact Information How to get in touch with me.

Special Thanks to:

Blake Patterson Visit his site at He has a very good site and I recieved most of the updates about the NINO through his page.

Matthew Hancock My cousin who made this page for me. Visit his site at

My Mom She bought my Nino for my birthday and my Casio E-10.


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